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Five vital benefits of editing

5 vital benefits of editing

Editing is fundamental to good writing. No-one is capable of writing flawlessly; trying to be perfect the first time around is a recipe for inhibiting your own creativity in the fruitless pursuit of instant perfection. Learn structural editing, copy editing and proofreading techniques needed to turn early drafts into perfectly finished products.View full article

The benefits of diversity in the workplace

The benefits of diversity in the workplace

If you want to succeed in business then hiring a diverse workforce is a good place to start. We live in a global society and marketplace, meaning that hiring or working in a diverse team is not only possible, but something that is likely to happen in your career. So why not learn how to make the most of it?View full article

Team collaboration

CCE and the new Chau Chak Wing Museum

The Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney is opening 18 November 2020. The Museum unites the University’s Nicholson, Macleay and University Art collections under one roof, with new research facilities, engaging programs for the public and learning opportunities for students.View full article

Team collaboration

How to increase team collaboration in the workplace

Whether it’s creating team building experiences, offering different opportunities for learning and growth, or learning how to not sacrifice meaningful engagements with your team because of a deadline, building team collaboration in the workplace is attainable.View full article


Planning your professional development

Identifying your professional development goals will help you get the most out of your training time and budget – and guide you on your career path.View full article


How to get your boss to pay for your professional development

In an age of disruption and rapid change, training is more essential than ever: it keeps you on top of new trends in your industry, which is of great benefit for your organisation. Convincing your employer to pay for your course can seem daunting, but don’t be put off. Here are our tips on how to make your case.View full article


How to get involved with University of Sydney without being a student

The University of Sydney proudly offers a range of opportunities, events and activities open to the wider community throughout the year. We have a vibrant campus life well-beyond traditional classroom learning.View full article


Five courses to help you and your business adapt to change

For many of us, business strategy, revenue targets, and business operations have had to change rapidly in a matter of weeks.Reflecting back on the rapid changes seen in our workforce, we have picked five CCE courses that will enable you and your team to quickly adapt to unexpected change.View full article


Arts engagement and mental health

What do you take delight in? Is it learning about past societies in cultures? Or maybe debating philosophy with a group of like-minded friends? Perhaps losing yourself in a beautiful piece of music is more your thing? Or coming up with a beautiful turn of phrase? View full article


Our return to campus

We're back, in-person from 1 July! Our return to face-to- face teaching will be phased. Not all classes will resume face-to-face sessions at the same time, and we plan to offer many of our courses online on an ongoing basis. Please check the delivery mode for the course date you are interested in before enrolling. View full article

Our top 5 favourite Ted Talks on learning

The University of Sydney has a long-standing relationship with TedX Sydney and in 2019 the University partnered with TedX Sydney for its tenth anniversary. View full article

5 tips on how to successfully work from home

With family members, pets and so many other distractions at home, it may be difficult transitioning to this new work lifestyle. It's a very different dynamic that can be a bit challenging to transition to, but if done correctly can lead to greater success in your work. View full article

Navigating different personalities in the workplace

Most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families. As professionals, we are expected to navigate unusual personality quirks and a desire for different air conditioning temperatures with grace. View full article

5 reasons to consider remote training for your team

Remote learning through interactive, online delivery in real-time is a great way to motivate your team and bring them together through shared learning.View full article

Learning for life: the CCE participants who have attended more than 50 courses

People enrol in short courses at the Centre for Continuing Educations for many reasons: to learn skills to enhance their professional career, to become fluent in another language, to develop critical thinking – or simply to keep the mind engaged. View full article

Are you working with a psychopath?

Psychopaths aren’t killers. Not most of them anyway. That’s the first thing John Le Mesurier, trainer on the Managing Workplace Psychopaths course wants you to know. View full article

Getting through your HSC - A practical guide

The HSC is a long journey - more than thirteen months, or about three hundred and ninety one days! We wish you the best of luck for your HSC and in future endeavours, and look forward to seeing many of you on our campus in the near future.

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Why become a Project Management Professional?

Project management is now an essential skill for any working professional. While project management experience was once enough to get you hired or promoted, today that’s no longer the case.

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Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

It’s hard to miss the buzz around startup culture in Australia. Entrepreneurship is everywhere – from the tenfold growth in venture capital between 2013 and 2018, to an explosion in uptake of co-working spaces.

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Three HSC study hacks you probably didn’t know (and one you did)

There are universal HSC study tips, and there are personal ones. Like whether you should study alone or in a group, after dinner or before breakfast, propped up with caffeine or with carrot sticks, and more besides.

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Myth-busting Gallipoli: five common misconceptions you need to rethink

Few events in Australian history have been so closely examined as the Gallipoli campaign of 1915, and yet no other has yielded so many myths.

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Trilogy Education announces first Coding Boot Camp in partnership with the University of Sydney

This part-time program offers a web development course beginning 25 June 2019

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Welcome to the age of the 60-year-curriculum

There’s a new way of imagining what continuing education means to us, and it’s called the 60-year curriculum. Actually, this change has been decades in the making.

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3 steps to acing Italian with our conversation classes

It sounds like a stretch if you’re just starting Italian lessons, but one day those language skills might take you deep into the world of Caesar and Cleopatra.

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