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About us

Big ideas. Short courses.

Choose from hundreds of exciting courses in Sydney at the Centre for Continuing Education, all open to the general public. Our training courses meet the learning and education needs of the Sydney community. They are backed by the expertise of the University of Sydney and carefully selected educators who are experts in their industries. Our classes enable you to develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen area of professional, personal or academic interest. Courses are continually updated to ensure they remain current, relevant and a consistently high quality. We also now partner with Schools and Faculties across campus so that members of the public get access to University-quality content outside of the regular degree programs. With classes that cover a diverse range of interests and designed for all stages of life, you can learn new skills, gain new insights or discover your untapped creativity – hundreds of courses make it all possible at the Centre for Continuing Education.

What’s new?

Westmead campus

CCE now gives you the opportunity to participate in a wide range of short courses in two locations, with the addition of a new centre at the University of Sydney campus in Westmead. Our program of short courses will provide everything you need to expand your knowledge, grow your business and gain the edge in your career – without travelling too far from home. Take a look at our Westmead strategy to find out more and see what courses are coming up in Western Sydney.

Project management courses

We are proud to announce CCE has launched a new program of Project management courses. Developed in conjunction with the world-class academics and researchers at the Faculty of Engineering, these courses have been specifically tailored for the CCE and are delivered by expert practitioners. Learn how to take charge of a team, gain valuable analytical and problem-solving skills and get hands-on experience you can use right away in your career.

Our history

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) founded in 1984 by the University of Sydney, provides thousands of short courses across a broad range of areas. Many courses are run in the evening, ideal for working professionals who are keen to learn new skills, gain new insights or unleash creativity. From business and management to art history and languages, CCE courses are designed to develop skills and knowledge in any chosen professional, personal or academic area of interest.

Continuing education and lifelong learning are important to the University of Sydney. CCE is an integral part of the University’s interaction with the community by extending access to the University’s resources and expertise, and by acknowledging the important role of education in empowering people to be their best.

Our interest and investment in life-long learning continues to expand and the Centre for Continuing Education meets this need today with hundreds of short courses spanning from ancient history to languages and business skills, attracting an enormous range of participants.


A series of Extension Lectures is introduced, modelled on the English University system, with the rationale that the position of universities can be greatly strengthened if they extend the curriculum beyond the core structure taught to enrolled students.


The Extension Board is established: Lectures are focused on literature, history and a wider range of subjects open to all. A joint committee for tutorial classes is also introduced.


The NSW Government makes a special annual grant to the University of Sydney for the employment of a lecturer and organiser of tutorial classes. Non-award classes are introduced for industrial workers in Sydney, Burwood and Wollongong, thereby catering to a much wider population.


A new Department of Adult Education is founded and the structure of adult education is remodelled to meet the changing needs emerging in the Australian community. Most participants in continuing education are well-educated and looking to broaden their interests.


The Board of Adult Education is established. Government funding to the University is reduced, which responds by establishing a working party to report on ways in which adult and continuing education might be maintained and developed.


The Centre for Continuing Education is established to provide “education, whether vocational or general, that is undertaken after an interval following the end of initial continuous education”. The work of the Centre extends to the discussion groups scheme, special discussion courses, the current affairs bulletin, radio and television programs prepared within the Centre and other external activities consistent with its main objective. It also provides administrative assistance to the University in organising courses, lectures, seminars or tutorials under the umbrella of ‘continuing education’.


The operational scope of the CCE is further broadened to: providing the continuing education activities, the expertise of the University in teaching and research to the members of the community; develop a closer relationship between industry, business, the professions and the University, through the provision of continuing education activities.


The 25th Anniversary of the Centre for Continuing Education. An established provider of learning excellence to a broad range of community, corporate, and academic sectors, CCE looks towards the future with a commitment to community access to the University of Sydney and lifelong learning for all.

We acknowledge the tradition of custodianship and law of the Country on which the University of Sydney campuses stand. We pay our respects to those who have cared and continue to care for the Country.